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Plain 3 Pole Rustic Arch  (no decor) (DIY)  $50

Plain 8 Pole Rustic Canopy (DIY) $90 (no decor)

Poles are Available in  3 Colors: 

Dark Brown (3 arches available)

Faux Birch/Driftwood (3 arches available)

Golden Brown (1 arch available)

(4th  is birch stick flat wrap pole: arch/canopy (5 arches)

DIY Rental: Arch: $70 Canopy $150


Heritage Park Compass Rose Railing Drape 

4: (8+1)  9 foot Sections of Railing 

upright supports: 3 high ugly round pipe 

(6 upright supports: 4.5 high nice square  pipe)

Crescent Bay Laguna Railing Drape 

4: 5 foot Sections of Railing

upright supports: 44 inches high pipe 

2 lookouts 8' wide, concrete seat for 3 

Hornblower and Other Yachts:

6.5 foot height and any width is available

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